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built around the fearless facilitation of hard truths that are currently creating barriers to embedding more inclusion into your organization’s framework.

We acknowledge the widespread impact of organizational trauma and introduce practices that promote a culture of psychological safety, empowerment, and healing.


Cutting-edge Training Materials

Our consulting practice is both theoretically based and human informed. Founded by the first Associate Director of Inclusion, Equity, and Belonging Programming for eCornell, considered one of the most reputable D&I certificates in the world, our approach is uniquely educational and based on the most up-to-date research and theory. It is also accessible because of the thousands of professional students across a wide variety of industries and positions, Dr. Brown has engaged with through this role. We get real with your team from the get-go, diving into qualitative and quantitative insights to fully understand your company’s unique DEI challenges before presenting solutions.


A Trauma-Informed Approach

A trauma-informed DEI approach recognizes the impact of trauma on individuals and organizations. Organizational trauma refers to negative effects caused by dysfunctional work environments, such as toxic leadership, chronic stress, or discrimination. It can harm well-being, job satisfaction, and productivity. Healing, trust-building, and a healthy work culture are needed to address organizational trauma. Personal trauma also affects adults professionally, leading to emotional difficulties and relationship challenges. Coping mechanisms like avoidance or workaholism can result in burnout. A trauma-informed DEI approach acknowledges trauma’s impact on mental, emotional, and physical well-being, as well as interactions and responses. It prioritizes safe and supportive spaces, considering unique experiences and identities. It recognizes trauma’s profound effect on marginalized communities and integrates trauma understanding into DEI practices for a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment.


Gentle Managing Philosophy

Due to our conviction that everyone experiences trauma, our methodology is rooted in a philosophy we developed called GENTLE MANAGEMENT, mirroring the principles of gentle parenting. This approach prioritizes empathy, respect, and understanding as the fundamental pillars of all professional connections. Our objective is to cultivate profound bonds and mutual trust between executives, managers and employees, while fostering the emotional well-being and overall growth of every individual. We both exemplify and impart the principles of COURAGEOUS CONVERSATIONS, a communication style that emphasizes the significance of conquering fears, discomfort, or potential backlash that may arise when addressing delicate subjects such as race, gender, religion, politics, social justice, or any other topic that may be regarded as sensitive or taboo.


As we shared, our founder is a doctor, just not the medical kind. Using her doctoral training in Anthropology and Education from Columbia University, she utilizes interactive approaches to explore your work culture towards a thorough diagnosis of its dynamics. Her goal is to offer solutions that equip your employees with tools to mitigate the recurrence of past trauma in their professional lives and cultivate healthier, more empowering environments.

Executive Coaching

We provide personalized, in-depth coaching to develop a leader’s DEI acumen, with a focus on growing inclusive leadership skills.

Community Conversations

We facilitate an open town hall-style meeting for a vulnerable free exchange of ideas and opinions.

Informal Mediation/Restorative Justice

We help to mediate conflict between any of your stakeholders using tools like restorative justice, emotional regulation, and mindset shifts.

Organizational DEI Benchmarking

We support you in developing and maintaining a realistic timeline and benchmarks for your organization’s DEI goals.


We leverage cutting-edge research and frameworks in the DEI field, ensuring our approach is at the forefront of innovation. Our creative process involves engaging your diverse range of employees to collaboratively develop strategies that directly tackle challenges arising from employee oversight and bias. Together, we align towards a shared, practical vision for the future. You will be assigned a dedicated team of specialized strategists who will address your organization’s unique cultural pain points. They will work closely with you to create a comprehensive implementation roadmap, outlining the necessary resources and establishing systems to ensure accountability from your leadership and teams.


Our approach to DEI is anything but performative. We are dedicated to establishing meaningful systems that drive authentic change. Fearless facilitation is the cornerstone of our strategy, allowing us to confront and address existing cultural gaps that create tensions surrounding DEI. Here are just a few examples of how we can support you:

Transformative Training Sessions

Our team comprises skilled academics who excel in presenting complex information in engaging and accessible ways. This expertise forms the cornerstone of our consulting strategy, with our workshops and trainings serving as the secret sauce. Building upon our founder’s background as a designer and facilitator of eCornell’s globally offered D&I courses, we have honed a training formula that seamlessly integrates information, vulnerability, and transformation. Through these sessions, we facilitate shifts in mindset regarding existing tensions that hinder your organization’s progress. Our carefully curated materials foster understanding across diverse perspectives and backgrounds, promoting trust and psychological safety throughout your organization. We create inclusive spaces where both individual and organizational unconscious biases can be explored and effectively mitigated. Moreover, we provide concrete opportunities for increased allyship and bystander intervention.

In our commitment to inclusivity, we make this valuable knowledge accessible to all workplaces through affordable and readily available downloadable micro-trainings. This ensures immediate access, even for those with limited training budgets.

Live or Zoom

We lead one hour DEI trainings that include: 20-40 minute presentations, Q&A, and reflection exercises.

Pre-Recorded DEI Training Series

We create short training videos with accompanying exercises and worksheets that can be added to your custom DEI resource library.

Office Hours

We offer monthly one hour informal Ask Me Anything or Tell Me Anything sessions to anyone in your community to dicuss anything DEI- related.

ERG & DEI Council Formation & Support

We assist in establishing and nurturing internal employee groups that serve as DEI touchpoints and ambassadors within your organization.

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