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THE seat

We are a vibrant community of passionate individuals dedicated to RADIATING change through Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).


Understanding the many challenges DEI practitioners and enthusiasts encounter, we offer a nurturing space for growth, learning, and connection through both individual and group coaching.

Here’s how THE SEAT can support your DEI Needs

THE SEAT is our coaching platform for those committed to promoting more inclusion in their lives, workplaces, and fields, who also need a supportive community or advisor. Open to all currently interested or engaged in DEI work, it’s a secure haven to receive personal or collective guidance on your quest to foster more equity and healing.

Navigating any DEI journey can be isolating and daunting. Our coaching offers a secure haven for those seeking advice, a place to share both horror stories and best practices, and ultimately a collective to join forces in conquering DEI challenges.

so which seat do you occupy?

Imagine a large office space and at its center, a large conference table. Each seat is occupied by a key stakeholder, representing distinct backgrounds and perspectives, all working collectively towards a common goal. Introducing THE SEAT, a coaching platform that addresses the the diverse DEI needs present at your conference table, by focusing on the specific needs of each SEAT FILLER.  

Through THE SEAT, Dr. Brown and her team offers individual and group coaching services that addresses diverse DEI pain points from various viewpoints:


  • For Leaders & Managers: We can help elevate your leadership skills through our specialized GENTLE MANAGING FRAMEWORK, which is designed to foster more empathetic and inclusive leadership. Gain not just insights, but strategies and pragmatic tools, sculpted to steer diverse multigenerational teams, incite organizational transformation, and nurture an ecosystem where every employee’s voice flourishes.
  • For Internal DEI Facilitators: Through individual and group coaching, we provide tailored strategies, actionable insights, and a collaborative platform for staff dedicated to fostering an inclusive culture. We help you navigate challenges, foster innovation, and drive sustainable change within your organization.
  • For Independent DEI Facilitators: Receive personalized guidance in a series of one-on-one coaching sessions. We will assist DEI professionals new to the field, helping you define your unique value proposition, determine pricing models, identify suitable theoretical frameworks, and refine your pitch strategy.
  • For Underrepresented Employees: Our comprehensive coaching program provides vital support for underrepresented employees navigating complex challenges such as: unconscious bias, microaggressions, stereotyping, isolation, and exclusion. Through empathetic one-on-one sessions and group workshops, we offer practical strategies to effectively address these issues, bolster your resilience, and cultivate a strong network of peers who share similar experiences, ensuring you’re equipped to navigate and overcome these obstacles while fostering a culture of understanding and respect.
  • For Black Employees: Through our monthly PERG (Public Employee Resource Groups) we offer group support specifically to black employees who are currently grappling with workplace adversity. We foster safe and confidential spaces to openly discuss topics like addressing bias and microaggressions, confidential reporting mechanisms, equitable performance evaluations, and leadership development opportunities. If you would like support starting a PERG for your own affinity group, please reach out. 
  • For ANYONE: We believe in making DEI resources accessible to everyone. Attend our public office hours, where anyone can engage with Dr. Brown to seek advice, ask questions, and receive insights on fostering inclusivity in your personal and professional spheres.

What Our Coaching services Provide

Our coaching programs provide a wide array of advantages and assets to those who participate, encompassing the following aspects:

1. Empathetic Support: Our foremost concern is crafting secure and non-judgmental environments where individuals can openly express their encounters, obstacles, and sentiments linked to their DEI endeavors.

2. Knowledge Exchange and Learning Possibilities: We are committed to fearlessly facilitating the interchange of knowledge, notions, and finest practices across our coaching community.

3. Professional Advancement: We furnish occasions for career development and skill enhancement to amplify your grasp of DEI concepts, stay abreast of industry trends, and cultivate your individual set of fundamental proficiencies.

4. Collaborative Ventures: We promote teamwork and partnerships among all our coaching recipients. We hold the belief that collective collaboration allows everyone to harness their shared wisdom and impact for driving meaningful transformations.

5. Networking and Bonds: We facilitate networking opportunities between DEI facilitators, potentially leading to partnerships, career openings, mentorship, and the sharing of insights that surpass our network.

6. Resource Exchange: We endeavor to act as a central hub for distributing valuable resources, tools, and research linked to DEI. This resource sharing augments the collective knowledge and effectiveness of each participant.

7. Responsibility and Strategy Formulation: We motivate coaching recipients to define objectives, strategize actions, and establish metrics for their DEI initiatives. We function as a platform for members to share their strides, seek input, and maintain mutual responsibility.

8. Self-Care and Well-being: We recognize the emotional toll of DEI undertakings and underscore self-care and wellness. We actively advocate practices like stress management, introspection, and resilience cultivation through the exchange of self-care approaches, mindfulness routines, and other methods for managing burnout and empathy fatigue.

Meet our Founder

Prior to launching THE SEAT, I served as the Associate Director of Inclusion, Equity, and Belonging Programming at eCornell. As a coach, I leverage a varied skill set developed during my tenure managing a team of over 50+ DEI experts and delivering comprehensive DEI curriculum to professionals spanning various sectors across the world. Thanks to this firsthand experience, I possess a profound comprehension of the unique opportunities and challenges that DEI experts face today. Hence, the mental well-being and psychological safety of those I coach are principles that hold the utmost importance to me. Establishing a nurturing atmosphere in which individuals can discover solace, validation, and meaningful connections stands as my unwavering dedication to all those I assist.

She, Her, Hers


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