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Welcome to The Common Thread Project (TCTP) in the spotlight

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Step into a world of more psychological safety with us! Our passion lies in utilizing a trauma-informed approach to cultivate more diversity, equity, and inclusion within your community. Through our transformative program of empathetic executive coaching, trauma-sensitive trainings, and courageous conversations, we are here to empower both individuals and organizations in creating policies, practices, and procedures where anyone who has experienced employment trauma, oppression, and marginalization can still flourish.


For Organizations:

Our mission is to ensure that your TABLE is welcoming and inclusive, providing a SEAT to everyone, regardless of their identity. Together, we will cultivate a space where everyone in your employment community can thrive, eradicating any feelings of isolation or exclusion. We stand ready to support you in crafting a future where every voice is recognized, listened to, and valued, employing the following approaches:

The TABLE at-a-glance:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Customized DEI Trainings- Live or Zoom
  • Pre-Recorded DEI Training Series
  • Office Hours
  • Community Conversations
  • ERG Formation & Support
  • Informal Mediation/Restorative Justice
  • DEI Council Formation & Support


For Individuals:

Taking your rightful SEAT at the TABLE of change can be really isolating and scary. We offer individual support, as well as an invitation to join our vibrant community of passionate individuals dedicated to driving transformation through DEI. We understand the challenges and complexities that DEI enthusiasts face in this political climate, and we are here to provide a nurturing space for personal growth, continuous learning, and meaningful connections using the following approaches:

The SEAT at-a-glance:

  • Individual Coaching
  • Peer Support
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Skill Development
  • Resource Sharing
  • Career Planning
  • Networking and Collaboration
  • Emotional Support
  • Community Engagement
  • Project Planning

Find your common thread

Wondering if we are the right fit for your DEI needs?

Mikaila Brown, PH.D.

My  unique value to the DEI space comes from the comprehensive lens I’ve acquired as a Chief Diversity Officer, DEI educator, equitable entrepreneur, AND MOST CRUCIALLY, A BLACK WOMAN.

Founder + CEO
The Common Thread Project (TCTP)

Former Head of Inclusion, Equity, & Belonging Programming eCornell

Doctorate in Anthropology & Education
Columbia University

The past two decades of my life have felt like a journey leading me to this very moment. Anthropology captivated me due to my profound curiosity about diverse communities and cultures. Fashion, on the other hand, enticed me with its ability to reveal people’s self-perception through a hidden language. I became an entrepreneur because I never found a work environment where I felt safe as a Black woman. Eventually, my path led me to DEI as I recognized that companies were intricate micro-ecosystems of our larger society with their own unique language, which was often inaccessible to most employees. I firmly believe that making this language more inclusive can contribute to healing our broader society. It would be an honor to explore and understand your organization’s distinct culture and identify areas where healing can take place. I’d love to have a meaningful discussion to determine if I’m the right fit for your individual or organizational journey. Let’s Talk